Did you ever try to reduce stress at work? Or in your private life? If you did, you would probably agree with me that reducing stress is not easy. Most of you will have likely tried yoga or mindfulness. Did they help? Did they reduce your stress or help to deal with stress better? For some of you, they may have helped. Yoga and mindfulness can help to make you handle stress better to a certain extent. However, because you are now reading this page, I guess the stress management techniques you have tried were not sufficient to reduce your stress effectively.

One of the most important reasons why your efforts to reduce stress have had only limited success could be that you don’t understand what stress really is.

Understanding stress is necessary to take the right measures to reduce stress. You will then understand why you have to take these measures, and this will help you to stay motivated to continue applying stress reduction strategies and monitor your progress.

Insight into what stress is and what you can do to reduce it are based on scientific research.

Unfortunately, you are not being told about many of the most important scientific breakthroughs about stress being discovered by leading scientists and psychiatrists.

There’s no big conspiracy. It’s just that these breakthroughs usually don’t get much publicity.

That’s because they’re reported in specialized medical and scientific journals intended for researchers and doctors such as Nature, Science, Cell, The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine. There is even a journal especially devoted to stress, as reflected by its name: Stress. We have ourselves published our research in some of these prestigious journals.

Some breakthroughs are made by psychiatrists and psychologists in clinical studies in their own practices. They report their findings to professional medical societies and in specialized conferences, but these discoveries often escape the notice of the mass media.

All of this leaves gaping holes in the information about stress that you should be getting. Yet these “under-reported” discoveries can be of tremendous importance to you and those you love.

That’s why we created Stressinsight.

Being a scientist and a psychiatrist ourselves, we understand how important it is for you to have access to the latest insights in stress research and stress management.

With Stressinsight, there is no longer need to dig through scientific publications, medical journals and newsletters. Everything you need to know about stress is right here at Stressinsight, presented in an easy-to-understand language.

Our aim is to make scientific knowledge about stress available to the general public. To you and your loved ones who may be suffering from stress. On top of that, we will guide you through the information, step by step, from understanding what stress (U) is to stress management (M) and stress prevention (P). These three steps constitute our unique UMP philosophy that takes you to a life without stress. Understanding stress is the foundation that makes effective stress management possible. And once you know how to reduce and manage your stress, you can then take things even further and prevent stress from happening. Once you master this, you have all you need to make living without stress possible.

The UMP system to manage and prevent stress. Understanding what stress is, and what its causes and consequences are is the basis of successful stress reduction and prevention. By understanding stress, you can learn and implement techniques to reduce stress effectively. Starting with stress management to reduce stress often results in failure.

The website is full of actionable advice to reduce stress immediately and permanently. We present stress management techniques that you will not find on the Internet. Some of those are even unknown to doctors and psychiatrists. This is because we look at a much broader scale than doctors and psychiatrists do. We not only look at medical reports and strategies to reduce stress, we also include the biology of stress, negotiation and discussion techniques to better communicate about stress, and analyses of how work can be organized better within companies to create working conditions that prevent stress.

Here are still 5 other reasons why Stressinsight is the world’s #1 online stress publication:

1. AUTHORATIVE, so you can trust the information we report. Stressinsight was founded by an academic researcher specialized in stress and anxiety disorders, and a psychiatrist. We can therefore easily assess which of the discoveries about stress matter most to you. Stressinsight can thus bring you the latest and most relevant findings about stress being reported by leading psychiatrists, psychologists and scientists from world-famous health centers, academic hospitals and academic institutions in the US (Mayo Clinic, Mount Sinai, John Hopkins, Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Columbia, etc) and leading institutions across the globe. The breakthroughs you read about represent the best medical and scientific minds on the planet.

2. COMPREHENSIVE, so you can easily keep up with the unpublicized breakthroughs concerning stress. Some publications about stress report on the findings of just one medical research center, or just one aspect of stress. Stressinsight brings you news of every single important development we can uncover in the domain of stress research, stress management, and stress prevention. Now you have a marvelously convenient way to stay on top of it all!

3. UNDERSTANDABLE, so you can immediately benefit from the information we bring you. As Stressinsight was founded by a scientist and a psychiatrist, we can write about stress in an easy-to-understand format. Unlike specialized journals for scientists and doctors, Stressinsight is published for the intelligently person interested in doing everything he or she can do to avoid or reduce stress to stay healthy and live happier. Now you don’t need a medical or academic degree to immediately benefit from the latest findings on stress reported in professional journals.

4. INDEPENDENT, so you know our reporting is objective. Unlike many publications about stress, Stressinsight accepts no advertising – zero. Why is that such a big deal? You may be surprised to learn that some stress publications make most of their money from their advertising. It can make you wonder whom they are really serving?

For example, surely, you’ve seen stress publications full of ads from companies selling drugs and therapies. But what would happen if a new study at a world-famous academic institution concluded that a certain therapy has no effect? Or does more harm than good? Would these publications immediately print a story if it meant losing tens of thousands of dollars in advertising revenue?

Who knows?

But Stressinsight would have no such fear, because it contains no advertising. Our only allegiance is to you.

5. AFFORDABLE, so there is no financial hurdle keeping you away from important information about stress. Until Stressinsight came along, you would have to pay a king's ransom for getting access to scientific and medical publications. Now that has changed. For less than a dollar a day, you can stay on top of all relevant information about stress. That is far less than what you would pay for your daily cup of coffee at Starbucks!

Can you fall in love with a stress publication?

Once you see inside Stressinsight, you may well fall in love with it. Certainly, it will make a difference in your life and mental health.


For one, you will have the knowledge you need to enhance and protect your most precious gift, your health.

You’ll understand what stress actually is, based on what the most respected scientists and psychiatrists are saying. Understanding stress gives you the insight that is necessary to implement the appropriate measures to reduce stress. Without this knowledge, stress reduction techniques will not work.


It has everything to do with motivation. At times, reducing stress may take some time. Unlike what many gurus lead on to believe, a simple exercise will not relieve stress once and for all. So you would have to practice and continue to do certain things to reduce stress effectively. You are less likely to adopt a lifestyle or incorporate daily habits that reduce stress if you don’t know or understand why you have to adhere to them. Especially when it takes a bit of time to experience their full benefits.

And, whatever your concerns about stress, with Stressinsight you’ll be able to back up your own doctor’s knowledge. You’ll be able to ask more informed questions, or call to his or her attention some new finding or treatment he may not have heard about yet.

You’ll also be able to keep an eye on new stress management or stress reducing techniques for anyone you know suffering from stress. The worlds of medicine and science produce new miracles every week. What a real-life hero you would be if you could pass along health-protecting information about a possible new strategy to someone desperately hoping for it!

In all, Stressinsight is your least expensive and most effective form of “stress protection” ever invented. Ready for you to discover. You will find that the articles for each step together form a sort of mini-course. News and insights about stress are further presented in our stress library, which is constantly updated and to which you will have full access during your membership.

After having completed your journey through the Stressinsight membership site, you will:

· be well informed about stress, and know more about it than 99% of all people living on our planet

· feel calm and self-confident during stressful events

· know your personality better so you know what to do during stress

· be able to deal with stressors (problems causing stress) with confidence as they arise

· be able to anticipate stressors, so you can take timely measures to prevent stress

· become more productive at work

· be able to protect your loved ones and colleagues from stress, making their lives happier

So why not trying out Stressinsight now? Hit the signup button at the top of the page and start to reduce stress today!

To your success in stress management and stress reduction,

Dr. Erwin van den Burg and Dr. Inés Gomez

Founders and Directors of Stressinsight


As a service to our readers, Stressinsight provides access to our library on stress and stress management. We make sure that you get the best content on the internet on these topics, so that you understand what stress is, which measures can be taken to manage stress, and why these measures are appropriate. However, no content on this site should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinician.