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Let's look at some numbers. Just because they are mind blowing.

  • 33% of absenteeim is related to stress
  • $500 billion and 550 million work days are lost annually in the United States because of stress
  • Stress increases the risk for a heart attack by 23%
  • 93% of British employees feel compelled to lie about work-related stress, while 70% would prefer to discuss their stress problems.

And on the positive side:

  • A mere 1% reduction of absenteeism due to illness saves Dutch businesses 2.6 billion euros per year, 0.9 billion of which can be attributed to stress reduction
  • This has been estimated to be $200 billion for the United States, or approximately $70 billion as a result of stress reduction

Reasons enough to reduce and prevent stress at work. To protect employee health AND company profits. Join Stressinsight today and find out how this can be done!

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The Community: 

Stress  no longer a taboo!

The Stressinsight Community offers a platform for discussion and learning.Often, stress is considered as something for the weak and incapable, so that stress-related problems, especially at work, are never discussed. This is unfortunate, because this hampers the taking of measures to reduce stress. In the Community, you can exchange ideas about stress, bring up problems that you may have, and learn from the experiences of others. You could also help others to manage their stress.
Stress management

Our course:

Surmounting stress

Surmounting stress offers a comprehensive exploration of stress, delving into the scientific underpinnings of stress biology, the psychological aspects of stress, and work conditions contributing to stress. By providing a well-rounded and easy to follow education on stress, you gain a complete understanding of the major causes of stress, how stress manifests itself, and how stress can cause disease if not managed properly.
Stress management

The personality - stress resilience connection

Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches, our course Surmounting Stress empowers you to identify and tailor stress reduction techniques that align with your unique personality traits and coping mechanisms. With the aid of psychological techniques, you learn how to develop personalized stress management plans that work for you, promoting long-term resilience and well-being.
Stress management

Stress prevention at work

We bridge the gap between personal stress management and organizational change. Surmounting Stress participants not only learn to manage their own stress but also acquire valuable insights into business management strategies that foster healthier, low-stress work environments. We equip you with the tools and knowledge to initiate positive changes within your organization, leading to reduced stress levels, increased productivity, and improved employee satisfaction.
Working without stress

Our philosophy

Everybody should be able to live a life without being stressed all the time. A little bit of stress at times is good. Stress and the solving of problems that cause stress are simply part of life. Imagine how boring your life would be without a healthy dose of stress!

But being stressed all the time takes away all the pleasure in life, and puts our health in danger. Unfortunately, many people are in this situation, and find it difficult to get out off. 

This doesn't need to be.

We believe that stress can be overcome, and, better still, can be prevented. This might come as a surprise to you, as there are many stress reduction programs out there that mostly don't seem to deliver the promised results. This is because these programs neglect two important aspects of stress management:

  1. Understanding what stress is precisely;
  2. The all-determining link between personality and stress perception and stress management.

This is why we founded Stressinsight. Being a scientific stress researcher and a psychiatrists ourselves, we want to bring the most important knowledge about stress to you, and translate this information into actionable stress management strategies that can be tailored to everyone's own particular needs.

We also think that stress prevention should be part of management in companies and institutions. Stress is in industrialized countries the major cause of sick leave, and economic costs related to stress are therefore very high. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could organize work environments in such a way that stress is mostly prevented? Believe it or not, but this is possible! Our expertise on stress and persoanlized stress management has allowed us to  implement stress prevention techniques in the workflow of companies. You will thus protect employee health and increase company profitability at the same time!

This is what stress management should be all about: using scientific knowledgde and psychological expertise to transform lives for the better. Not only by trying to reduce stress symptoms, but especially by going to the underlying causes of stress and changing living and working conditions.

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Complete understanding of stress

Understanding stress from both science and psychology helps us handle it better. It's like knowing the inside story of how stress works. This knowledge lets us see why we get stressed and how our feelings and bodies are connected. Once we understand our own stress better, we can use special techniques that match our own needs to feel less stressed. It's like having a secret superpower to stay calm. Plus, we learn that when we feel good, our health can improve. So, with this knowledge, we can use strategies that allow us to be less stressed and healthier in the long run. It's like having a roadmap to feeling good!

We achieve this through presenting scientific and psychologic insights in stress. These are normally not covered by the mass media. We present these insights in an understandable manner. You certainly do not need a PhD degree to learn what stress is! Just join us and follow the course. In the community, you can discuss with others who are, like you, interested in understanding stress. Another reason to join!

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Understanding stress is the first stress management step

Personalized Stress Reduction Strategies

Personalized stress reduction strategies are super helpful because they're like having a stress management plan that's just for you. Everyone is different, and what makes one person feel less stressed may not stress someone else. The same goes for stress management techniques. Some will work for you, and others will not. When you figure out what helps you specifically, it's like having a secret weapon against stress. You can use techniques  that match your own style, personality, and experiences to feel good. That means you're more likely to stick with them and feel less stressed in the long run. Personalizing your stress-busting plan is like finding your own roadmap to stay calm and happy, and that's pretty awesome!

After finishing the course, you will have a profound knowledge about psychology. What it is, and how it can help you to reduce stress. The course will not make you a psychologist, but you will learn enough to know your personality, why and when you get stressed, and how to come with a stress management plan that will work for you. 

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Stress perception depends on personaiity

Transforming Work Environments

Transforming work environments for stress reduction  makes work a better place for everyone. When our workplaces are less stressful, we feel happier and more relaxed, which is great for our health and mood. Imagine going to a job where people understand each other, where the workload is manageable, and where there's support when things get tough – it's like a dream come true! By making positive changes at work, like improving communication, reducing excessive demands, and creating a friendly atmosphere, we not only reduce our own stress but also help our colleagues. And healthy workers are productive workers. Companies will therefore gain more and spend less when their working environments are less stressful. It's a win-win for everyone!

The question that is central to this part of the course is how the transformation to a better work environment is achieved. And what should a work environment look like? The answers lie in the understanding of stress and personality. You will learn how to apply what you have learned about stress and personality into actionable steps to improve work conditions, so that you can create a work environment in which stress hardly occurs.

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