Company without stress

Stress-free working

It is in the interest of employers and managers to reduce chronic stress to the absolute minimum. This is because stress is extremely costly. Stress is the most common cause of absenteeism in industrialized countries, averaging to about 33% of all causes of sick leave.

In Germany, the biggest economy in Europe, 59 million working days per year are lost because of stress. This number amounts to 550 million in the world’s biggest economy, the United States. The loss of working days in the US is accompanied by a cost of 500 billion US dollars on a yearly basis.

Costs are caused by:

  • Absenteeism

  • Increased number of accidents

  • Medical costs

  • Reduced productivity

Investing in the reduction of stress will pay off. The relatively small costs to reduce stress will be compensated by the savings many times over.

The insights in stress you may have gathered from our course, blog and the community make it possible to define a set of criteria that can serve as a basis to create working conditions in which bad, or chronic, stress hardly occurs. These criteria are based on the most common causes of workstress, the way the work is organized, and the culture at work.

The creation of such working conditions was one of the reasons why we founded Stressinsight. Over the years, it has appeared to us that there are many common deeper causes that underly workstress. We have therefore transformed our expertise on the physiology and psychology of stress into practical measures you can take at work to reduce workstress to the absolute minimum. You can find this in our course and we can help you creating a low-stress work environment through our consultancy service. All with the aim to protect employee health and company gains!