Mission, philosophy and history of stressinsight

About Stressinsight

Our mission

Since 2013, our mission has been to help others work without stress and improve productivity and profitability at the same time.

We believe in working with pleasure. Because work is such an important part of our lives, we should be doing something we enjoy to make a living. Something that fits our interests and capabilities. And that is not spoiled by stress and the health problems stress can cause.

We also believe that happy and healthy collaborators work more efficiently, and this to the benefit of the company or institution. In fact, this is not only a belief, it is a proven fact! Stress is the main cause of absenteeism in developed countries, and costs yearly hundreds of millions of dollars. By limiting stress at work, a company will not only save money, but also become more productive!

The three C's of Stressinsight

We translate our mission into helping you reduce and prevent stress through the Stressinsight Community, our Course "Surmounting Stress" and through Consultancy.

The Community, the first of the "three C's" serves three goals:

First, it permits us to provide you with the latest scientific breakthroughs in stress research and psychiatric insights. You are not being told about these. Not that there is a big conspiracy. It is just that these discoveries do not get the attention of the mass media. They are typically published in specialized journals in a manner that is not easily understood if you are not an expert. And a subscription to these journals cost a king’s ransom! Through our community, we can tell you in an understandable way about the latest discoveries about stress for a price that everybody can easily afford.

Second, the community offers you the possibility to discuss with others who are, like you, interested in reducing and preventing stress. Many of us find it difficult to talk about stress. This is because stress is considered a weakness, a symptom of not being capable of doing your work. Nothing could be further from the truth. Stress can happen to everyone, even to the toughest kid on the block. There is no taboo on discussing stress in the community. Feel free to express yourself, ask questions, and help others!

Third, we can give personalized advice to you if you are stuck on your journey to reduce your stress, or if you want to adapt your organization to create working conditions that limit the risk of developing stress to the absolute minimum. Stress is experienced differently by everybody, so that stress management techniques should be tailored specifically to your needs. We are there for you to do just that!

Our Course "Surmounting Stress", the second of the "three C's", gives you all the knowledge you need to reduce your stress. You will come to understand what stress is precisely, how personality influences stress perception and stress management, and how you can create working conditions that prevent the bad form of stress. The course comes in the form of video presentations that you can watch and rewatch whenever you have time. You will also get a stress diary for you to fill in, and a cheet sheat to understand your personality better.

If you want personalized, practical advice, that is also possible. This is what our Consultancy service, the third of the "three C's", is for. We will help you manage your stress, tailored to your personal needs. We also help companies and institutions create working conditions that through improved workflow or culture eliminate most of chronic stress. Employees will be healthier and more productive. Companies will save costs related to absenteeism and increase their productivity and profitability. A win-win situation for both employees and businesses!

Our history

About stressinsight

Stressinsight has been around for 10 years now, albeit in different formats. We started as part of the Biosphere Science Foundation, or BSF, which we co-founded in 2013. The aim of BSF was to make scientific knowledge available to the general public. Stress was one of the main themes. We have created a stress website and published a book about stress, which was sold in The Netherlands.

While buyers actually liked the book, they commented to us that a book is rather static. They asked us if we could create something more dynamic, easy to update. We thus changed from a website and a book to a membership-based stress journal, formatted like regular newspapers. And we became independent of BSF in 2021.

The newspaper format has one drawback though: it isn’t interactive. This is the reason why we created a community in 2023, not only to provide all the information that is necessary to reduce and prevent stress, but also to provide a platform to discuss and exchange ideas. And to answer directly to any stress-related problem you may have.

Meet the team

Founder of stressinsight

Erwin van den Burg

Founder, stress physiology, management

Founder of stressinsight

Ines Gomez Campos

Founder, psychiatry

Our concept

stress physiology

Science of Stress

Through understanding of what happens in our bodies during stress, we can better understand why we have stress, and what we should do to control it better.

Stress and psychology

Stress and Personality

Knowing yourself is a necessity to develop stress management techniques that fit you perfectly. Not a "one size fits all", but a personalized approach.

Company without stress

Stress-free working

Companies can be organized in such a way that conditions can be created in which stress occurs much less, and in which productivity and profitability go up.